CVP NoLimit Holdings Announces Launch of Fund I

Earth, July 20, 2022 -- NoLimit Holdings (NLH), an investment firm focused on global blockchain assets, and ClearVue Partners (CVP), a leading consumer & technology growth equity firm, today announced the initial closing of their $100 million CVP NoLimit Fund I. The fund will invest in digital assets across seed, strategic and private rounds of token projects from established founding teams that are building next generation DeFi services and bridging Web2 content and services that are better served with Web3 operating models.

NLH is led by Gin Chao, an independent Board member of Binance.US and former Strategy Officer of, the global blockchain ecosystem behind the world’s largest cryptocurrecy exchange by trading volume. During his tenure at, Gin led the Binance Labs venture investment, Binance Launchpad initial exchange offering and Binance X fellowship fund teams. He also led Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap, the industry’s largest information aggregator. NLH will continue to bridge relationships and resources with the Binance community to accelerate blockchain adoption and acceptance.

With macroeconomic trends providing ideal conditions to deploy capital into top founders and projects, the team has warehoused 6 investments to-date and plans to invest in 50+ projects over the next 24 months globally. “We have seen this cycle several times before, and the best performing investments were made in the depths of prolonged crypto winters, most recently from mid-2018 to late-2019. The current cycle is even more exciting with the entrance of large corporations, the accelerating inflow of experienced talent, and the continuous BUIDLing by 2nd - 3rd gen founding teams” said Gin Chao, founding partner of NLH. “Gin has an incredible track record investing in Web3.0 and we see that the metaverse is where the internet was around 1998. We are excited about sponsoring this fund with Gin and his partners to accelerate adoption of this mega trend for our international partners and portfolio companies,” added Harry Hui, founding partner of CVP.

The NoLimit moniker is a nod to the 2010 poker game where the principals of CVP and NLH first met and began their crypto journey playing alongside several industry pioneers. The partnership with CVP leverages a 12-year history of friendship and professional achievement to deliver trust that LPs and projects seek in their shared vision to build a world of enhanced transparency and governance through blockchain. CVP NoLimit Fund I is dedicated to accelerating this vision.

The fund has prioritized strategic LPs, including business leaders from consumer electronics, retail, FMCG, social media, gaming and real estate who are actively seeking to adopt blockchain technology, as well as value-add investors from the crypto sector, including liquidity provider Mathrix and former Binance Chief Growth Officer Ted Lin who will provide 0-to-1 mentorship to portfolio projects.